Baslow Ranch Laser Cut Dollhouse Kit

Baslow Ranch Laser Cut Dollhouse Kit

SKU SF2010
This was the project house for our 2010 Spring Fling Contest. We gave away over $1000 in prizes, but that’s not all. This year's winner, Brae , got to rename the house to "Baslow Ranch" in honor of her dear departed pets, Basil the cat (pronounced bazzill like an Englishman's name); Clover and Willow who were both dwarf hamsters. . She did an amazing job and I'm sure her pets would be as proud as we are to have this product that bears their name!

Of course, you don't necessarily have to use this kit as a Ranch. In fact, this building has endless potential! If you don't believe us, have a look at the 2010 Spring Fling Picture Gallery to see 44 different ideas for this house! You'll be amazed at what you see.

The Spring Fling Contest is an annual event hosted by the Greenleaf Miniature Community . It's a lot of fun, so be sure to get on our mailing list or join our community so you can enjoy in excitement!

Please note that the Baslow Ranch pictures are what Brae created from this simple kit and none of the accessories shown are included.

  • Features include: 
    • Precision Laser Cut
    • True miniature scale
    • 1 inch = 1 foot
    • Quick Easy Assembly
    • Spring Time Charm

  • Assembled Dollhouse Dimensions: 
    14½" W x 13" D x 15½" H
    With Optional Addition:
    23½" W x 13" D x 15½" H
  • Dollhouse Kit Dimensions: 
    16" W x 19" D x 1" H
  • DollHouse Kit Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Dollhouse Shingles Included? No
  • Required Bags of Shingles: 2
  • Dollhouse Siding Included? No
  • Required Bags of Siding: 2
  • Material: Laser Cut Wood
  • Manufacturer's Part #: SF2010
  • Manufacturer's UPC#: 73605202010
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Availability: Usually Ships within 24 hours

    This kit does not come with paint, siding, shingles, furnishings, or other decorations. Age recommendations: Assembly - 12 and up. Assembly with parent - 7 and up. Finished houses are not recommended for young children.
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