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Greenleaf Wooden Doll House Kits

Dollhouse Furniture Kits that will make your dollhouse a home!

Dollhouse furniture kits from Greenleaf provide the opportunity to add custom furniture to your custom dollhouse! These furniture kits are just waiting for that special finish you have in mind. Use your imagination to complete your dream home. Our practical and unique furniture kits will accent every room in your dollhouse. It is the authentic design, including real mirrors, that sets these furniture kits apart from all others. Each room is sold separately so buy only what you need.

Keeping in the tradition that comprises all Greenleaf products, our attention to detail can be found in each piece of furniture. These dollhouse furniture kits are more than a bargain and they will allow you to fully equip key rooms in your dollhouse at a fraction of the cost of pre-made miniature furniture. Why pay more when you can build exactly what you want and have the pride in knowing that YOU built it!

All of our miniature furniture kits are one inch equals one foot scale. The Corona Concepts series insures incredible value while maintaining standards that has made Greenleaf Dollhouses the industry leader in miniature kits.
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